Why There is a Place for Headshots AND Selfies in Your Business

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By Laura Pearman


On this blog, I’m here to tell you, with no holds barred, why you need to have both headshots AND selfies in the communications of your business.  If you have both of these things working on your business communications, please feel free to use this practical blog to mentally “check!” you are doing it right.

If you are rocking in one departments and not the other, I’m here today to challenge you.

If you are still shying away from both…

Honey We Need To Talk!

The Place of A Headshot

The business headshot is essentially a well-lit, professionally shot photograph of you looking as you do when you do what it is you do professionally.

That’s soo 2014

Gone are the days of the adult version of a school photo that you get at an Expo for £35.  This says ZERO about who you are and why you do what you do.

What’s On Trend

Now, the business headshot is all about carefully narrating to prospects and the wider world who you are.  Every picture has 1000 word and as the unique professional powerful you, you’ve taken the time to hire an expert to help narrate those 1000 words.

Where It Goes

Now we have that cleared up, I want to very quickly run through where this image goes.  In a professional shoot, your photographer is likely to provide you with a mini collection of the best shots from your headshots session.

In the majority of cases you want to drip-feed this collection out through your social media profile pictures over time.  You want all of your profile pictures to match at any given time (just as all of your social media hangers match as well…. Right?).

A Face To A Brand

This gives anyone searching and looking you up that considered reminder of your beautiful face on all platforms.  It becomes a solid reminder alongside your logo, brand colours, and the style you communicate in.

Updating the Profile Pictures

Every quarter, it’s a great idea to switch out your profile picture to refresh your face on social media profile pictures.  It boosts engagement, and it shows everyone who “knows” you online that you also look like “this” in a different light, way, angle, outfit.  It’s something to talk about.  People are inherently nosey.

When you make a change remember its one single picture you are changing to.  They must all still match on all platforms where you talk to your fans.

The very best of photographers are also likely to take the time to work with you on what your specific business needs are.

Do you speak professionally for instance?

For this, you’ll likely need a set Bio Style Shot for your media pack.  To help you to secure bookings and make more money at this, your media pack is then available for download on your site.

Do you Impart Knowledge or Expertise?

What does that look like?  How do sell this right now to your incoming customers?

By giving a prospect the visual of you doing what you do and how you do it, people can easily imagine themselves right there with you.  Buying your skills and knowledge.

More over Cocktails

I can go on and on here, but to do this best, I prefer to have a cocktail or coffee in my hand.

If you want to look more in depth at how I work you can download my latest Brochure here >> Headshot Services Brochure

If you like what you see, then we can book in for a chat over drinks.

Where’s Your Feed At?

So, if you have been nodding along with me so far and wriggling in your chair like the class swot saying to yourself

“Yup, I do that.  Got This.”

Then, let’s go take a look at your feeds.

What’s there?  Are you there?  Or, is your polished perfect on-brand-self showing up in there next to your email opt in and your current special offer?

It may surprise you to learn this, but as an International Headshots Photographer who is wildly passionate about helping you narrate your best self in a headshot….

I also feel strongly about you being your real self too.

The best way to do that visually is through the power of selfies.

The Power of The Real You

See your smartphone there.  It’s pretty powerful photography wise.  You can hone this and use it well to attract even more business your way.

Now I’d love to tell you that The Fox Force Five Team that I shoot with come to my house every morning and get me dressed and looking “purdy”.

I wish that were the case.

But I’m not there yet.  I can often be found with no make-up, no backcomb at the gym, in the freezer aisle or at a hardware store perving on the power tools (I bloody love ‘em!).

Laura Pearman Selfie with Cocktail

Sharing another layer of my real personality has helped me gain a considerable amount of better business.  Sharing who I really am and what makes me tick attracts people who “get me”.  Doing business with kindred spirits is pure joy.  By default, I detract those would have probably been a nightmare client (come on…. We’ve all had ‘em).

So, my darling…. What’s in your feed?

What do you share about yourself?  Does that include pictures?  Of your face?

Yeah… But Hang On.

It’s at this point you may be asking me,

“Yeah but hang on a minute Laura, what do I share?”


“That’s lovely n all but I can’t take a photo on my stupid phone.”


“Selfies! Are you kidding me?!”  This is terrifying.

It’s cool…. I’ve got you.

Polls Just In

I’ve been researching the subject of selfies for the last 6 months or so.  The findings are interesting.   People feel really strongly about selfies!  Emotions and opinions are weighted at the ‘love’ end of the scale or right over on the ‘hate’ side.  Isn’t that curious?

Along with this, love or hate there are equally strong views on ‘time and place’ for them too.  Many people will only shoot a selfie with friends over wine, and NEVER for business reasons.  Or, it’s something you do with just your kids or the cat.

With the current surge in Personal Brand, we are seeing in this digital renaissance its vital you look at ways to get more personality in a visual way out through your business messages.  Why do you think reality TV is still so popular?  Why do you have that special fan-love for your business hero?

It’s because you “know” them… Or at least you feel as though you do.

“With the current surge in Personal Brand, we are seeing in this digital renaissance its vital you look at ways to get more personality in a visual way out through your business messages. “

Ready For A Challenge?

To look at how to start getting your feed injected with more personality, I’m inviting you to my up and coming 5 Day Selfie Challenge.

In taking part you:

  • Learn Clever tricks on how to capture better selfies.
  • Have 5 Challenges to complete to give more originality to your selfies.
  • Have regular group Live’s with me where we go over the challenge and address any stumbling block you come across along the way. Real-Time.

If this sounds like your jam and you are ready to put your personality into your business (in a beautiful way) you can sign up here >> 5 Day Selfie Challenge

As an added bonus, I will send you my Top 10 Tricks to more Kissable Selfies download, you can get practicing before we begin the challenge.

About laura Pearman Photography

Hey! I’m Laura

I am mostly known for being an International Headshots Photographer.

I love serving the world being a photographer, sharing my wild ideas and infecting people with new levels of confidence. I photograph people who are totally into showing the world their brilliance.  I feel privileged to capture them.

I also teach people who struggle with getting the best selfies from their phone.  I am filled with excitement when I see someone progress with this.

As a headshots photographer I’ve been featured on many marketing related podcasts to talk about my unique style and approach.  I continue to work with industry leaders on capturing their brilliance both as international speakers, and within their brand through headshots.  In turn, I have been asked to speak on this in different forums to share advice on how to become a successful keynote speaker.

To find out more visit www.laurapearman.com

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