6 simple steps to create more time in your day

Hands up if you have ever spent a full day being crazy busy only to realise you never actually achieved anything. Your to do list never got finished and you didn’t complete a single project. Sound familiar?

You just need to create more time in your day!

create more time

We’re all guilty of losing an hour (or 3 eek!) on social media and excusing it as ‘work’ or ‘marketing’. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

As a busy Mum to a slightly manic toddler I can’t afford to waste time. I’m a freelancer. I only get paid for the work I complete. So when I lose an hour to Facebook, I’m actually losing money.

We all wish we could have more time but actually all we need to do is use our time more efficiently.

You can create more time in your day by following these simple steps.

1.  Plan the day ahead

Take the first 30 minutes of every day to plan your day. Don’t start your day until you complete your time plan. The most important time of your day is the time you schedule to schedule time.


2.  Don’t procrastinate

Don’t allow unimportant details to drag you down. Projects will take much, much longer than they could if you get too hung up on small details.

guy procrastinating

3.  Every minute counts

We tend to have a lot of down-time where we just gaze into space!  Waiting rooms, queuing in shops, time on the metro, on the cross trainer at the gym, etc.  Make use of dead time by catching up on emails, social media etc.

4.  Keep all your ideas in one place

When you’re juggling multiple assignments, it can be easy for all of your scribbled ideas and Post-It notes to get lost in a chaotic jumble.

post it notes

Keep all your ideas in one place.  I like using a single notebook but there are also plenty of programs to arrange your notes digitally, like Evernote.

5.  Focus on the crucial tasks

Each day, identify the two or three tasks that are the most crucial to complete, and do those first. After those are completed, the day has already been a success!


6.  Organise your inbox

Organising your e-mail can be a huge time saver. Invest the time upfront by creating folders.

7.  Get help

If you are still struggling then maybe it’s time you considered getting help. A Virtual Assistant can help you manage your time by taking over those tasks that you just seem to faff over.

  • Get sucked into Twitter when you try to do some social media marketing? Get your Virtual Assistant to do it!
  • Do you never get paid on time coz you never seem to have the time to chase up late payers? Get your Virtual Assistant to do it!
  • Do you spend ages faffing about designing graphics for social media? Get your Virtual Assistant to do it!

Check out what else a Virtual Assistant can help you with here.

What are your favourite ways to organise your time? Let me know in the comments below.


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