5 ways to get the best out of your Virtual Assistant

Having a Virtual Assistant can make your life so much easier but only if you use them properly.  

If you don’t utilise them correctly then time can be lost and money wasted.  Nobody wants that!  Here are my top 5 tips on how to get the best out of your VIRTUAL ASSISTANT!


Give clear instructions

A task may be simple in your eyes but for a VA who has never worked with you, doesn’t know your brand identity/processes/work flow then it is slightly harder.  In order to get the best out of your Virtual Assistant you need to give clear instructions.

Make sure you tell your VA exactly how you want the work completed.  For example, if you ask your Virtual Assistant to write a blog post give information such as your preferred font, font size, layout, colour codes etc. 

The more specific you are, the quicker the task will take and the less it will cost you.

Be clear on your deadline

This is pretty self-explanatory really. 

If you need it in 24 hours then fine, tell your VA that.  If you can wait till the end of the week then even better!  You’d be surprised at how many clients dither over giving the deadline!  So many people will say everything needs done in 24 hours as they panic it won’t be done in time.  Likewise, some people are afraid to say something is urgent and will say ‘oh just whenever you can fit it in’. images

Give as much notice as you can

If you know you have a project coming up, then let your Virtual Assistant know.  This means they can keep some time aside for you. 

Remember, you are probably not the only client that your VA has.  If you consistently give short notice, then you may not always get your work completed on time. 

If you regularly find that you are passing work on that needs to be done by tomorrow, then it may be worth hiring your VA on a retainer.  This means that your VA will book those hours out for you so you are guaranteed to have your work done on time.


Brainstorm with your VA

Brainstorming with your Virtual Assistant is great for two reasons. 

Firstly, your VA will get a feel for how you work and what your thought processes are.  This will make it easier to complete work to your standards as your VA is more tuned into you. 

Secondly, your VA may surprise you and come up with great suggestions.  Your VA isn’t as involved in your business as much as you so can take a step back and think of things that may not have occurred to you.  I do this regularly with one of my clients and have built up a great working relationship from doing this.  Don’t just take my word for it;

“What stands out for me with Gemma is that she is willing to offer suggestions and use initiative.  For me, this goes a long way.”  Laura Pearman Photography

Be clear about priorities

As a Virtual Assistant, I get inundated with new tasks all the time.  Be clear which ones take priority.  It’s not always obvious to us!  This article explains how to prioritise work when everything is #1!  To get the best out of your Virtual Asistant ALWAYS prioritise!


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