8 ways to prepare your creative business for the New Year

How fab would it be to start the New Year with a clean desk (metaphorically speaking)?!  My Dad always liked to bang on about the 6 P’s – ‘Planning and Preparation Prevents P**s Poor Performance!  Read on for 8 ways to prepare your creative business for the New Year.

Prepare your creative business for the New Year

Update your Social Media profiles

First impressions count and often peoples first impression of you is your Social Media profile.  Make sure your not using an outdated profile photo, optimize the images for specific channels and add keywords to your profile for SEO purposes.  Check out this article for 12 ways to improve your Social Media profiles in 1 hour or less.

Review your website

Review your SEO and look at your web design with fresh eyes.  Ask yourself,  is it eye catching, do you use images and videos?  Review your content, do you have a strong call to action, is your site easy to navigate, are you using landing pages?  Now is the time to make these changes!

Catch up with your expenses

Start the year with a clean slate.  Sort out your receipts, expenses, chase up outstanding invoices and balance your books.

Review your Business Plan

By revisiting your business plan you can reevaluate your long term business goals.  Once you know where you want your business to be performing you need to know how you are going to get there.  Is your branding still relevant, is your marketing working?

Organise your digital files

Have you got loads of outdated documents and images saved on your computer?  Is nothing filed in the right place?  Take the time to organise them properly and delete old files.  A tidy desktop is a tidy mind!  OK, I made that up but you get the gist!

Clean out your emails

Delete emails from before a certain date, create filters, folders and labels and unsubscribe from mailing lists that no longer interest you.

Think about what you can delegate

Free up your time for the things that matter by delegating.  I recently wrote a guest post on secrets to successful outsourcing.  Handy eh?!

Create a years worth of content

Take a leaf out of Denise Duffield-Thomas’s book and create a full years worth of content in one go.  When you batch things, have processes in place and become organised then it frees up your time for other things.  Things like spending time with family and friends, or allowing your creative mind to roam free!

Psssst – A Virtual Assistant can do most of these things for you!  Just sayin’!

Let’s get your business off to a flying start in 2017.  Get in touch for your FREE one hour consultation!  

Together we can prepare your creative business for the New Year!



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