The 6 Pillars of Journaling for Entrepreneurs

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By Dawn Purcell

In today’s guest post, Dawn Purcell talks us through The Six Pillars of Journaling for Entrepreneurs.  Read on to find out why journaling is so important for goal setting, mind set and manifestation…

Lets enter the chaotic mind of an entrepreneur for a sec…

Mindset, manifestation, goal setting, leads, funnels, automation, mindset, community building, audience, blogging, mindset, opt-ins, lead pages, email marketing, facebook ads, launching, mindset, clients, habits, self-care, copywriting, VA’s, hiring, payment, meeting, contacts, PR, media, showmethemoney, list building, course building…did I mention MINDSET?

Oh yea, that.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve likely slummed it in the depths of all this and sank your teeth into overwhelm on more than one occasion. To be honest, I still do, and if I wasn’t, then I’m not doing something right. The reality is, there is no easy solution to any of it. It’s not easy, because nothing worthwhile ever is.

As Entrepreneurs, however, we DO need the habits, the skills, and the tools to help us get out of overwhelm quickly and stay on track. And there is one tool above all others that helps you do that.

And no…it’s not a freakin’ online project planner, or daily planner, ‘goal setting worksheet’, fancy biz focused google doc, or excel spreadsheet (ugh, spare me…)

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you….your journal.

Blue journal

Why Journal?

So why is journaling for entrepreneurs so important? Your journal is a friend, a mentor, a hub for your creativity, an incubator and container for your dreams, a guide, and hands down the best coach you’re ever going to have in your life and business.

It helps you with the transformation that you NEED to go through to get from A to B (be the person that is successful, the success comes later). Through your journal, you can CREATE your story from the inside out. Imagine the possibilities, predict the pitfalls, plan how you’ll overcome them, stay on track, express love and compassion – and more.

I hear entrepreneurs all of the time saying that they know how important it is to journal…but they’re not doing it. It amazes me how they’re so willing to invest in funnel building and learning all the tech and getting in a spin and all of the aforementioned aspects of entrepreneurship, but they place so little value on the glue which actually holds it all together in a coherent whole – their SELF, and their own exploration of it.

Do you think you don't have time?

‘I don’t have time to journal’! Er…yes you do. Evidenced in the fact that you’re reading this blog right now 😎

‘I don’t know what to write!’  Er…you know all those huge dreams and plans and other shiz that’s going on in your head? Try that.

‘I just can’t keep it up’ Er…you’ve managed to develop a pretty epic daily Facebook habit though. Just saying.

‘I don’t have to sharpen it, I have to get the tree down’.

Stephen Covey identified his 7th habit as ‘sharpening the saw’ –and he defined it as the habit that fed into ALL of the other habits. The ‘sharpening your saw’ parallel is drawn from a fable of a woodcutter who was struggling to cut a tree down after being at it for hours. When someone suggests he should sharpen his saw so that the saw was more effective at its job, he replies, ‘I don’t have to sharpen it, I have to get the tree down’.

Journaling ‘sharpens your saw’. It gets to the nitty gritty. It allows you to have a cathartic, spiritual experience that realigns you with your passion, and strengths your connection to it with each writing. In this way, you are more naturally guided to be working on the right things, you have a clearer path and are setting goals from an authentic, high vibrational place, as opposed to a place of confusion and overwhelm.

The Six Pillars of Journaling ™ for Entrepreneurs:

  1. Journaling for care, love, and compassion (to self and others)
  2. Journaling for manifestation, mindset, clarity and life purpose
  3. Journaling for habits, productivity and goal setting
  4. Journaling for life purpose, clarity, and spiritual connection
  5. Journaling for content creation
  6. Journaling for life story and legacy, and personal mythology

So to start, if it helps the overwhelm, here are some tips on how to work with these:

  • You could buy a separate journal for each of these. A nice set of notebooks works. Decorate the cover of each one so it matches the ‘theme’
  • Using sticky notes, you could separate just one journal into these sections.
  • Write as you go along, but on each entry, make a note at the top about which ‘pillar’ it relates to, or colour code it.

It really is up to you how you do it – and indeed, you don’t HAVE to work with these 6 pillars – but they do give you a structure if you are not used to journaling and don’t know where to start.

You should also find a place to write that is sacred, special, and not your work desk. And also schedule the time to do it – just 15 mins a day (and yes you CAN invest that time…whilst you’re having morning coffee, before you go to bed, before you get dressed, on your lunch hour. Connecting it to something you already do, and rewarding yourself for it, helps to create the habit).

The most important thing….is to WRITE. Just write.

Your struggle is real – honour it. When you’ve made in your biz, your journals will chronicle your amazing transformation; your very own hero’s journey. It’s your legacy for others to find. Don’t die with it inside you.

Your story is fighting, beautiful, fierce…

and it’s waiting to be told.

Dawn Purcell wearing pink top and gold necklace

Dawn Purcell is Journaling Success Coach who helps entrepreneurs to write their way to personal and business growth through her ‘Journaling for Entrepreneurs’ coaching program.  

Dawn offers a private ‘6 pillars of journaling’ coaching program for entrepreneurs which you can find out about by contacting her directly.

You can read more about Dawn and her work here:, and join her mythic journaling facebook group.

For more advice on setting up a journal practice and developing the habit, do grab her free guide HERE

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