9 Things you need to do after writing a blog post

Ok,so you have written an fabulous blog post.  I’m going to assume it is proof read and SEO optimised.  You hit publish and excitedly wait for it to be read, shared and liked.  You wait…and you wait…then you wait some more.  You get nothing.  No one has bothered to read it.

Don’t be disheartened!

It’s all well and good writing an amazing and informative post but if no one is going to see then what’s the point?!  Just cos I’m canny I’ve put together a list of 9 things you need to do after writing a blog post.  Of course, it’s not fail safe.  You have to put the work in.  If you write a totally dull post then nothing I say here is gonna help you.  But if you put the work in then BINGO!  Lot’s of traffic to your post and lot’s of coverage across social media.

Schedule on Social Media

I use a scheduling tool for this (SmarterQueue is my current fave) but if you prefer, you can post manually.  I like to make sure it’s scheduled a few times on Twitter so it doesn’t get missed.  If I think it’s relevant, I also share on LinkedIn. 

Add to Pinterest Boards

You can Pin on your own board, but collaborative boards are where it will get the most coverage.  Use PinGroupie to search for relevant boards. If you’re not sure how to get invited to group boards check out Bonnie’s post How to get added to Pinterest group boards


Syndicate your content

Content syndication can be an effective way to get your content seen by more people.  But, what is Content Syndication?

“UX best practices promote improving the quality of the user’s interaction with and perceptions of your product and any related services.”

Source: WishPond

My personal favourites are StumbleUpon and Reddit.com but I’ve also heard good things about Digg.com, Medium and Scoop.it.

Share in Facebook groups

Facebook groups are great for sharing your content.  Share in blogging groups and networking groups.  Find out where your audience hang out.  My niche is working with creative entrepreneurs so I share in creative collaboration groups or creative inspiration groups.

 Include in your newsletter

You know that list of emails and contacts that you’ve worked so hard to build up?  Use it!  These are people who have already expressed an interest in you, they clearly like hearing from you or they would have unsubscribed!


 Comment on relevant posts

This isn’t something I’ve done myself yet but it’s a great way to get backlinks.  Find other blog posts which are relevant to yours or tie in somehow.  Comment on it and say something like hey, I thought you might also like my take on the subject too’.  A word of warning…make sure the post is relevant, don’t be salesy, make it a genuine helpful comment and don’t be spammy.  Just posting the link to your blog post isn’t gonna work.  It will likely get removed.

 Add to email signature

 Add a shortened URL to the post below your email signature.  This way, everyone that you email gets has a chance to see it!

Reach out

 Try to build up a strong network, whether with other bloggers or fellow entrepreneurs.  If you have content that you think their audience will also like then ask them to give it a share.  This can massively increase your reach.  If you can get a celeb to share it then even better!  Hofit Kim Cohen got Ashton Kutcher to share her travel video on Facebook.  Ashton Kutcher has 17,600,00 followers.  That’s a lot of coverage!

Respond to comments

Always to take the time to respond to comments.  Responding to comments will increase your traffic, sales and social shares.  When you respond to a comment that person is more likely to return to your blog as they are building a relationship with you.

reply to comments

Have I missed anything out?

If you would like to add to this list, leave your suggestions in the comments below.


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